To commission a unique piece for your home or garden simply provide us with your brief and budget. We are happy to discuss ideas and provide an estimate with no obligation. We are also open to corporate, civic and church commissions etc.


If you've seen something on this site which you particularly like, we will gladly reproduce it for you. Stone is sourced on a project-by-project basis and is subject to variable quarry lead times, so please take this into account if you have a specific delivery date in mind.

'Off the shelf'

A number of our smaller works (doves, word pebbles, candle holders etc.) are  held in stock and can be purchased direct from us. Please enquire by email.


A finely hand-cut inscription may be used to personalise a bench, birdbath etc. with a dedication, motto or lines from a favourite poem. Words can also become the basis of a garden artwork in the form of a standing stone, wall-mounted plaque or incised paving.

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