Stoneform is a Dorset-based stone-craft partnership comprised of designer/lettercutter Zoë Cull and mason/sculptor Alex Evans. Zoë and Alex established a workshop together in 2003 and have worked independently and collaboratively ever since on a varied assortment of projects. Their principle aim is to apply a contemporary design aesthetic to an age-old craft and create striking pieces for private, corporate and public clients.

Zoë Cull

Zoë grew up in London with two industrial designers and spent most of her formative years with a pencil in her hand. Following an art college training she embarked on a career in graphic design and illustration, but felt cheated of her creative birthright when she found herself stuck behind a computer all day. Convinced there must be more to life, she abandoned her well-paid desk job and hellish daily commute to flee to picturesque Dorset and re-train in the traditional craft skills of masonry, carving and architectural conservation. Her graphics background led her to take a particular interest in letter-cutting, and she furthered her learning in this area through short periods of training with several of the country's leading letter-cutters aided by a grant from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust. A subsequent Crafts Council Development Award helped her to establish herself in business and she now enjoys the vagaries of an artisan's existence in the idyllic Dorsetshire countryside.

Alex Evans

Alex grew up on a muddy island in the Thames estuary. Having escaped from there at the earliest opportunity, he studied restoration and the decorative arts before developing an interest in stonework through his fascination with the historic buildings of Malta (he is proud to be one-eighth Maltese!). After training in architectural masonry, carving and conservation he gained extensive experience as a banker mason with a number of building conservation firms working on historic properties. Concluding that he was  temperamentally unsuited to taking orders from others, self-employment beckoned and he has kept himself busy ever since with an assortment of private and sub-contracted work. To see some of Alex's more conventional architectural work, follow this link.

Obscure claim to fame: Alex travelled to India in 2007 to appear as a 'stone expert' in a History Channel documentary on 'The Kama Sutra temples'!!


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